The Husband

My Husband.

Gerardo. Gerry. Potato.

My Partner in Food. My Partner in Crime. My Pain in the Ass (sometimes).

We began dating in 2010. He enlisted in 2014, during my last year of college. I followed him to Hawaii in 2015 (That is a fun story that I will share throughout this blog) and we got married in 2016.

He is my Marine, my better half, and my continuous support. He has helped me grow, helped me find my voice, and helped me find myself. He encourages me to push my limits, try new things, and even though I am the optimistic dreamer in this relationship, he is the constant voice telling me to follow my dreams. He is there to constantly remind me to “just do it” and “I’ll never know if I don’t try.” Without his support and push, I would not be writing this right now. Without him, I would have never moved to Hawaii on my own or be trying to chase my crazy dreams. I also wouldn’t probably be eating half the things I do or attempting even a fraction of the hikes I have.