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    20 Things That Made 2020 Tolerable

    2020 has been a pretty crap year for most of us I think. Yes, if you follow me I was pretty happy with how the majority of this year went, and this was by far not my worst year (although the past month has it ranking pretty high up there), but even through the best lens this year was full of stress, anxiety, change, and uncertainty. That being said, there were some things that definitely made this year a little easier, happier, and entertaining, at least for me.

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    I sat on my computer for nearly four hours yesterday, trying to put together an appropriate post. I would write and delete and write and delete. Nothing I wrote seemed right. Nothing I wrote seemed like enough. Having someone so full of life, someone so good, pass away so suddenly at only 27, makes no sense, so why would talking about it be any different.