2022 Bucket List

I got the idea to make myself a 2022 Bucket List, from my Hawaii Bucket List I made during my last year in Hawaii. Making that final year bucket list, not only helped me keep track of all the fun things I wanted to do during that final year, but it kept me motivated and on task to do fun new things. I realized I desperately need that since moving back to California. Partially due to some personal and internal things, and even more so due to COVID, my first three years back in California have been filled with a lot of the same old same old and, even more so, a lot of nothing. I’m hoping by writing a Bucket List for the year it will work the same way my Hawaii Bucket List did and keep me motivated to explore and try new things.

Hikes and Other Outdoor Things

  • Complete 12 hikes
    1. Schabarum-Skyline Trail Extension – 02/08/2022
    2. Joshua Tree Hidden Valley Nature Trail – 03/13/2022
    3. Michael D. Antonovich Trail – 03/26/2022
    4. Murphy Ranch Trail – 04/08/2022
    5. Old San Gabriel Canyon Road Trail – 04/12/2022
    6. Big Horn Mine Trail – 05/01/2022
    7. Redwoods Grove – 06/02/2022
    8. Bear Flats via Bear Canyon Trail – 07/17/2022
    9. San Antonio Falls – 07/24/2022′
    10. Annies Canyon – 09/25/2022
  • Hike in the snow
  • Hike Zion’s Narrows
  • Camp in Joshua Tree – 03/13-14/2022



  • Read 12 books
    1. Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog by Garth Stein – Completed 02/23/2022
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Do at least 1 thing to the VW
  • Make plans to go to The Rose Parade
  • Visit Griffith Observatory
  • Buy Stagecoach tickets

I’ll update this list with new things as they come to mind and check off things as I complete them.

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