2023 Bucket List

During my last year in Hawaii, I decided to create a Bucket List, a list of everything I wanted to do on the island before I left. Making that final year bucket list, not only helped me keep track of all the fun things I wanted to do during that final year, but it kept me motivated and on task to do fun new things. And then I got to thinking, why only make a bucket list when you know your time is limited? Isn’t life limited?

It can be so easy to take for granted the time we have. As humans, we fall into a routine and sometimes we need a little reminder to shake things up. To explore and try new things. So, to help me keep things interesting. To keep pushing myself to do new things, to take chances, and to explore I make annual Bucket Lists. Similar to my New Year’s resolutions, every year I sit down and make a list of all the different things I want to try or do in the year. They don’t always all happen, but it’s a fun way to organize my ideas and keep track of everything I do in a year.

Also, this list is a living document, so as I think of things or as priorities change this list will change and grow.

So what do I want to do this year?

Hikes and Other Outdoor Things

  • Complete 24 hikes
    1. Blue Ridge Trail – 01/08/2023
    2. The Slot – 02/05/2023
    3. Bonita Falls – 03/05/2023
    4. Etiwanda Falls – 03/19/2023
    5. Millard Canyon Falls – 03/24/2023
    6. Escondido Falls – 03/25/2023
    7. Mount Rubidoux – 03/31/2023
    8. San Antonio Falls – 03/31/2023
    9. Trail Canyon Falls – 04/01/2023
    10. Switzer Falls – 04/04/2023
    11. Grotto Trail – 04/07/2023
    12. Santa Ynez Canyon Waterfall – 04/07/2023
    13. Desert Queen Mine and Eagle Cliff Boulder – 05/07/2023
  • Hike Zion’s Narrows
  • Bungee at the Bridge to Nowhere
  • Go camping 6 times
  • Go camping with a group


  • Visit a new National Park
  • Visit Catalina Island
  • Go to the Grand Canyon
  • Visit Arrowhead Lake
  • Explore Calico Ghost Town
  • Take a day trip on the train
  • Visit the PNW


  • Read 12 books
    1. On Writing by Stephen King – 03/09/2023
    2. Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher – 05/31/2023
    3. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Do 1 thing to the VW every month
    • Jan FAIL
    • Feb FAIL
    • March FAIL
    • April FAIL
    • May FAIL
    • June
    • July
    • Aug
    • Sept
    • Oct
    • Nov
    • Dec
  • Make plans to go to The Rose Parade
  • Visit Griffith Observatory

2022 Bucket List

What did I want to do last year and how well did I do?

Hikes and Other Outdoor Things

  • Complete 12 hikes
    1. Schabarum-Skyline Trail Extension – 02/08/2022
    2. Joshua Tree Hidden Valley Nature Trail – 03/13/2022
    3. Michael D. Antonovich Trail – 03/26/2022
    4. Murphy Ranch Trail – 04/08/2022
    5. Old San Gabriel Canyon Road Trail – 04/12/2022
    6. Big Horn Mine Trail – 05/01/2022
    7. Redwoods Grove – 06/02/2022
    8. Bear Flats via Bear Canyon Trail – 07/17/2022
    9. San Antonio Falls – 07/24/2022
    10. Annies Canyon – 09/25/2022
    11. Barker Dam Loo – 12/11/2022
    12. Wall Street Mill and Wonderland Wash Loop – 12/12/2022
  • Hike in the snow Joshua Tree 12/12/2022
  • Hike Zion’s Narrows
  • Camp in Joshua Tree – 03/13-14/2022



  • Read 12 books
    1. Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog by Garth Stein – Completed 02/23/2022
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Do at least 1 thing to the VW
  • Make plans to go to The Rose Parade
  • Visit Griffith Observatory
  • Buy Stagecoach tickets I didn’t buy Stagecoach tickets but instead got tickets to Blink 182 in LA and tickets to the When We Were Young Las Vegas Festival 2023

Cover Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay 


  • daneilla

    Hi Alex,
    Love the list. Will copy the idea for 2023 and post it on my blog!
    By the way, I got to you web page via Beaming Health. I was one of the reviewers and just saw your finished work, which included you bio at the end.

    • Simply Alex

      Hi Daniella,
      Thank you so much for your support on the Beaming Health article and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I really appreciate it!
      I’m so glad you like this. I love the BucketList. It’s a fun tool. I haven’t done a great job sticking to it this year, but it has done its job and kept me motivated to explore and try new things.

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