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    New York Pizza

    I was little, it was while I was still in elementary. I have always been a HUGE shave ice fan. I was home with a babysitter, which in my mind was rare. I feel like for most of my childhood, my dad was usually the one home with me and if I did need to be watched 90% of the time I'd either be with my brother and/or his wife or with my dad's best friend's family. Anyways, I digress, this day I was home with a babysitter, possibly my cousin or my future niece (another story), and my dad came home with a shave ice!

  • Travel & Adventure

    Bridge to Nowhere

    Bridge to Nowhere is hands down my absolute favorite hike anywhere, ever, thus far in my life. It is an approximately 10 mile round trip hike up Azusa Canyon to a bridge that leads to literally nowhere. Along the route you have a couple deep water crossings which keeps the long hike up and back fun and interesting. And, despite being fairly long the terrain makes the hike more accessible then you might think to hikers of different skill levels, just be sure to give yourself enough time and pack in plenty of water and food.

  • Food

    Eating My Way Through the LA County Fair

    The LA County Fair was the first place my husband and I went after officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend way back when. After that we spent every anniversary we had at the LA County Fair until we moved to Hawaii. While in Hawaii we tried to appease our fair desires with the Hawaii State Fair, but it paled in comparison. So, for nearly four years we waited for our chance to re-establish our LA County Fair tradition.

  • The Other Stuff

    Long Line of Old Friends

    Friends don't last forever. Friends come and go. The people who matter to you in Elementary...in Middle School...in High School...in College...eventually won't matter to you. Friendships change, die, and fade away. This is what (most) everyone is told growing up and it's what most people believe. Not me.

  • Travel & Adventure

    Switzer Falls

    Switzer Falls is one of the most visually exciting hikes I have done here in Southern California thus far. At a little over 4 miles round trip, the trail travels up and down a narrow valley in the Angeles National Forest. At some parts of the trail you will see remnants of old roads, other parts you will be traveling casually along a stream, and the next moment you will be climbing up high above the trees. Although a tad strenuous this trail will keep you intrigued the entire way.

  • Travel & Adventure

    Etiwanda Falls

    Etiwanda Falls is a short, easy, miserably hot hike to a gorgeous waterfall in Rancho Cucamonga. At just around 3.5 miles (round trip) most hikers can reach the falls in under an hour. But I must warn you, it is a long, hot hour up a rocky un-shaded hill. According to AllTrails we completed the entire trail with a moving time of just under 90 minutes.

  • Food

    Lanikai Juice

    Summer has been in full swing the past few weeks here in Southern California and that means hot windless nights and day time temps in the 90s (This week we’ve even been hitting the 100s!). California has turned into an oven and all I can dream about is Lanikai Juice. Sure California has Jamba Juice and Juice It Up! (which I do love) and little local smoothie shops, but since I’ve been back I can honestly say nothing beats Oahu’s Lanikai Juice. Lanikai Juice opened it’s doors back in 1997, serving healthy and fresh smoothies, fruit bowls, freshly squeezed juices, food, and cold pressed juices using local and fresh organic…

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    4th of July

    Now when I answer the occasional Facebook survey or someone asks me, "What's your favorite holiday?" I'll usually give them the traditional Christmas answer, but when I really think about it, the 4th of July has always given me so much more excitement and joy then most other holidays. And although I know that I have better memories, for some reason, when I think about the 4th, I find a lot of reasons to smile.