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    Helping Others to Avoid Chasing my Dreams

    I always spend a lot of time thinking about life and my goals and why things are the way they are. Why I act the way I act or do the things I do? Driving home tonight, I was listening to the Titus Podcast, as I do pretty much every Friday night, and tonight they were talking about reaching your goals and chasing your dream. Not a hard topic for me to get into, especially when its framed in a dark snarky way, as is everything Titus talks about

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    Turning 29 – Goals

    Most years rather than making a list of New Year's resolutions, I make birthday goals - things I want to do, improve upon and change for the year to come. My birthday is so close to New Year's anyways, that I always feel like it's pointless to make any eating right and/or working out goals, because I know as soon as my birthday week rolls around all my progress is going to be derailed.

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    Anxiety and Negative Self-Talk in the New Year

    Going into 2020 I had all these plans, just like everyone else, for the new and improved me. I was going to workout more and eat better. Save money. Eat out less. Start reading again. Stay on top of my blog post and make better content. Embark on all those projects I keep saying I'm going to do, but never even start.

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    2019 Nearly Killed Me – A Look Back on the Year

    2019 made me it's bitch and I honestly feel like I'm lucky to be standing. This year tested me physically and emotionally; and looking back I failed myself at every turn. I thought 2018 was a tough year for me, but I made the most of it. I grew. I learned new things. And I started to get better. A lot of good came out of the bad of 2018.

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    Colima Burgers

    And then there is Colima Burgers. And as cheesy and dramatic as it sounds, I mean this will all sincerity, since coming back to California, walking into Colima Burgers has felt like coming home each and every time. Colima Burgers is a family run greasy spoon that I have gone to all my life.

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    Bryce in the Snow

    My entire life I have had to spend a good amount of time in Utah. When I was younger it was to go see my grandpa. Then in 2014 my mom moved up there. Now my mom is back in California, but we still have her place to watch over. Lucky for me, thanks to all this, over the last couple years I have been lucky enough to explore several of the national parks in Utah. So far I've been to Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef. All of them are gorgeous in their own special way, but Bryce in the winter is by far my absolute favorite.

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    Apple Picking Adventures

    Fall is my favorite season, in theory. I love the changing leaves and the chill in the air. There is nothing I enjoy more than wrapping myself up in blanket on cool nights. I think I'm much cuter in sweaters, scarves, tights and boots, than in bikinis, shorts, and tank tops. And, I can start breaking out the eggnog (pumpkin spice can kiss my ass). But, I live in Southern California and that means my fall season is really more of a faux fall season. (Don't get me wrong its way more fall like here than it was in Hawaii, but compared to the majority of the country, it's barely…

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    New York Pizza

    I was little, it was while I was still in elementary. I have always been a HUGE shave ice fan. I was home with a babysitter, which in my mind was rare. I feel like for most of my childhood, my dad was usually the one home with me and if I did need to be watched 90% of the time I'd either be with my brother and/or his wife or with my dad's best friend's family. Anyways, I digress, this day I was home with a babysitter, possibly my cousin or my future niece (another story), and my dad came home with a shave ice!

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    Bridge to Nowhere

    Bridge to Nowhere is hands down my absolute favorite hike anywhere, ever, thus far in my life. It is an approximately 10 mile round trip hike up Azusa Canyon to a bridge that leads to literally nowhere. Along the route you have a couple deep water crossings which keeps the long hike up and back fun and interesting. And, despite being fairly long the terrain makes the hike more accessible then you might think to hikers of different skill levels, just be sure to give yourself enough time and pack in plenty of water and food.

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    Eating My Way Through the LA County Fair

    The LA County Fair was the first place my husband and I went after officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend way back when. After that we spent every anniversary we had at the LA County Fair until we moved to Hawaii. While in Hawaii we tried to appease our fair desires with the Hawaii State Fair, but it paled in comparison. So, for nearly four years we waited for our chance to re-establish our LA County Fair tradition.