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What Have I Been Up To – February Recap

It’s been a month since I last posted anything and I have two reasons why.

First off, I’ve been incredibly busy with work. I picked up a new client and nearly doubled my workload. It’s great, but it’s been an adjustment. Also, with it being the beginning of the year I’ve had lots of doctor appointments, annual check-ups, and things like that.

Second, because I’ve been incredibly busy, I just haven’t done anything interesting. Sadly there has been no time for hikes or exploring or even checking out new restaurants. (I have been exploring old 80s and 90s movies and I’m considering starting a series on here about that, but we shall see.) The past month has consisted of working, working out, meal-prepping, and sleeping. Not much else.

My One Fun Adventure

I did have one fun evening. For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I did go out to a Dropkick Murphy’s and Pennywise concert. We had floor tickets and it was a really fun night.

Prior to the concert I really didn’t know much of either band’s music. Both bands are really iconic in the scene and have some great songs, but beyond the “mainstream” of it all, I really knew nothing.

But, in spite of that, I still had a great time. As always it was so great to be in the center of a group of strangers all singing and united in one experience and feeling. Both bands put on a great show (the opener was pretty impressive too.) I don’t know if I’ll be taking a deep dive into either of their music, but if I have the opportunity to see either of them again, I’d definitely take it.

Back to School

I also started school again this past month, after taking about a year off. Still just going for fun, and I’m not sure if now is the best time to go back, given how busy I’ve been, but I’m still excited.

I’m only taking one class, a personal finance class, and I have a few weeks to decide if it will be doable given my current workload.

Ready for March

February was a good month. A busy month. And I got a lot done.

Although with school I’ve added one more thing to my plate, I do hope to start getting out there and having more fun in the coming weeks.

I already have a couple of things planned, and given the recent SoCal rain and the quickly approaching spring season, I’m hoping some waterfall hikes and camping trips will be in my near future as well.

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