Several Years Later, I Finally Made it to S’moreology

I have been dying to try S’moreology for years now. Probably since right around the time they opened up their brick-and-mortar shop. Before they had blown up on Instagram and the news, I spotted their store while driving around one day and told my husband we needed to go there. I then proceeded to watch them seemingly blow up online and watched, week after week, as their line updates on Instagram revealed longer and longer wait times.

Despite the fact that they are only a mere 15-minute drive from my home, I never made it over to their shop until earlier this month.

Was it worth the wait? Worth the hype?

Yes. 100% yes!!

A Little S’moreology History

S’moreology is an artisan s’more shop serving up unique takes on the classic campfire dessert along with other sweet treats. They sell gourmet s’mores, artic s’mores (s’mores with ice cream), ice cream treats, and baked goods.

S’moreology began in 2018 when Noelle Ramirez and her wife Amy Ramirez began selling their artisan treats in downtown LA. In March 2019, S’moreology joined Smorgasbourg, an open-air market in downtown LA. When Smorgasbourg had to close in 2020 due to COVID, Noelle and Amy pivoted their business to include s’mores deliveries and nationwide shipping. And, in 2021, they opened up their first physical shop in West Covina (and I discovered the shop right around this time too).

The desert shop has worked with Capital One and celebrities. They were recently seen on Try Guys, and over the years have worked large corporate events for companies like Netflix, CBS, NBC, FOX, and Viacom.

My S’moreology Experience

I wanted to make the most of my long-awaited S’moreology visit so I ordered a lot! I ordered one flight of their s’mores and chose “Salty Ex,” “Funky Monkey,” and “PB&J” as my flavors. I also got their Mexican tiramisu sundae. (Every month they offer specialty flavors, and January’s special was Mexican tiramisu, so I decided to try it as a sundae.) And we ordered one of their famous brownies.

I cannot complain about a single thing.

My favorite was the Salty Ex. The combination of sweet and salty is my weakness and they do it perfectly. Funky Monkey was a close second. I loved the banana!

The Mexican tiramisu was very deceadant. I could not have finished it on my own. The ice cream was delicious, you could taste the cafe de olla in the graham crackers, and the mascarpone was exactly what you want in a tiramisu.

Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the brownie, but that’s my problem. My husband, on the other hand, has yet to stop talking about it.

There are still so many items on their menu I want to try and I cannot wait to visit again.

If you find yourself anywhere near West Covina, or simply driving down the 10 in San Gabriel Valley, I highly recommend you make a stop!

Location: 922 W Covina Pkwy, West Covina, CA 91790

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