About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my world!

So who am I? That has always been an incredibly hard question for me to answer. I am Alex and I am a “thirty-something” former military spouse, back in California after spending nearly four years in Hawaii. I am a native Southern California girl, born and raised in San Gabriel Valley. I graduated from Mt. San Antonio College with my AA in Liberal Arts – Humanities and Cal State Fullerton with my BA in Communications – Entertainment and Tourism Studies.

I am a needy spouse (at times), a stubborn daughter, a loving aunt, and a loyal friend. I am a writer, photographer, creator, and overall dreamer. I live with my head in the clouds most days and although I have more than my share of personal horror stories (Why do you think I started this blog?), I constantly try to look for the good.

I was working professionally in marketing and communications until COVID decided to shake everything up. My career got derailed for a while and then I decided to finally chase my dreams and start trying to live the kind of life I wanted, not the kind of life I thought I was supposed to live. I decided to pursue freelance writing full-time (reach out to me if you’d like to work together).

My interests are varied, vast, and constantly changing. I love food, the outdoors, a good book, a good CD, and beat-up old VWs. With turning 30 came a new love for the planet, so sustainability and gardening are new passions of mine.

Most days I am insecure and full of self-doubt. My self-confidence can lean on the low side sometimes, but I still believe I can do great things. I’m weird. I’m quirky. I’m usually very awkward.

I am…Simply Alex!

With this blog, I welcome you all into a small piece of my world. I will talk to you a lot about travel and outdoor activities, as well as food and the places you should and shouldn’t eat. As I teach myself about gardening and sustainable living practices, I will share with you what I learn. I will share with you my photography and all the other creative projects I dabble in. Along with all that (Because it’s not like I already have a little something for everyone), I am going to share with you my stories and my experiences. The stories and experiences of those around me. The things I have dealt with and experienced, as well as the things I am bound to experience on this journey with you. I will share my thoughts and fears… and lots of anxiety. I will get personal and I will get silly, and because of who I am I can guarantee you I will get a little weird.

Welcome to my world and thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy it all as much as I do…most days.