• Travel & Adventure

    Eaton Canyon Falls

    My husband and I have finally, after over five months in California, started hiking again. In just the past few weeks we have tackled five different trails starting with Eaton Canyon Falls. Located in Altadena, CA, Eaton Canyon Falls Trail is a fairly easy and relatively short trail. Listed at about 3.5 miles, I tracked it at about 4 miles round trip and it took my husband and I about 2.5 hours to complete, including the time we spent at the falls.

  • Travel & Adventure

    Old LA Zoo

    I did a fair amount of hiking in California before moving to Oahu, but it wasn't until I was living on the islands that I first heard of the Old LA Zoo Hike. I'm not exactly sure how I first heard of it, I'm pretty sure I came across it while doing some research on the abandoned zoo on Oahu. However, no matter how I came across it, as soon as I heard about it, and saw the pictures, I knew I had to go.

  • The Other Stuff

    The Difference Between California and Hawaii

    Disclaimer before you read this blog post, this is fresh anger and me venting immediately after an incident. These are purely my angry, unfiltered, and unsupported opinions. I know these are vague generalizing statements and that there are both good and bad people everywhere. Please don’t take anything in this personal, and if you are easily offended or upset please read a different post. Unless you have been living under a rock the last few weeks you are probably well aware of the Super Bloom taking place here in California. California is no longer in a drought and thanks to the crazy rain they received this winter, California’s hills, valleys,…

  • Life

    My First Month Back in California

    Today marks exactly one month back in California for m and I must admit, this has not been the homecoming I had been dreaming of. It barely feels like I have been home that long, yet, at the same time it feels like I haven’t lived in Hawaii for years. I had big dreams coming home. Originally my husband and I had major road trip plans. We wanted to spend weeks on the road, living out of our car and exploring places like Joshua Tree and Zion. After my mom’s stroke, I knew that probably wouldn’t happen, but still I dreamed of days filled with hikes, friends, and fun. Instead…

  • Life

    Looking back at 2018

    This year has been a crazy roller coaster ride, filled with unexpected ups and downs and, just like a roller coaster, it’s leaving me at pretty much the exact same spot I got on, just a little shaken, beaten and bruised. I don’t regret this roller coaster of a year, it taught me a lot, allowed me to experience so many new things, and, for the most part, changed me for the better. I don’t regret this roller coaster year, but it’s not one I would like to ride ever again. This time last year I had just been laid off from my job of nearly two years. The lay…

  • Life

    Moving to Oahu

    September 25, 2015 I got on a plane in LAX headed for Honolulu. The previous months had consisted of a lot of couch surfing, living with different friends and family, and a two month stay in Utah. I had less than $3,000, an Airbnb studio apartment covered for a month, no job, and pretty much no plan. I had spent my entire life living in California. Despite having graduated from college in May of 2014, I still had not worked a “real” job and with the exception of my adventures in couch surfing, I had never lived on my own. I had never been on a plane and the farthest…

  • Food

    The Other Pink Box

    As a SoCal girl I know that the best doughnuts come in a pink box. Krispy Kreme can be nice, and I enjoy Winchell’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, but the absolute best doughnut will always be found in a local shop with a pink box. It’s fact. Ask anyone in California. So for me, pink boxes have always meant an amazing sweet treat was headed my way for breakfast (or lunch or dinner or late night snack…doughnuts are good anytime) and thanks to Leonard’s Bakery here on Oahu that is still what a pink box means, with a slight twist. Now Leonard’s Bakery is not a doughnut shop, or at least…