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30 Days of Meditation

I’ve been working towards this since I started meditating last year, at the start of COVID and for the month of April I committed myself to 30 straight days of meditation!

Last year, during the month of April I challenged myself to 30 days of hula hooping and managed to see that all the way through, so this April seemed like the perfect time to challenge myself again.

So, although I was successful in my 30 days of meditation challenge, the challenge didn’t fully go as planned. Entering this challenge, I imagined early mornings meditating. Starting my day off on the right note. At the very least I planned to create a routine with meditation. Figure out what part of the day it worked best for me.

I also planned on pushing myself and my meditation habits; Starting with little mini sessions of meditation, under 5 minutes, and slowly increasing my time.

Well, none of that happened. I meditated at all different times of the day and never really got beyond a 5-minute session, most of the time I stayed around 3 minutes.

Although my 30 days of meditation may not have gone as imagined, I still gained a lot from it. First off, I feel very accomplished knowing I was able to stick to it for 30 days straight. Second, on the days where I really made time for my meditation, not just squeezed it in randomly and didn’t take the session seriously (just wanted to check it off my list), I really felt a difference and could see the benefit.

The last thing I accomplished from this 30-day challenge was the courage to make time for myself and it be ok. If there is no one around or nothing going on, I can make time for myself, but really how often does that happen? By committing myself to 30 days of meditation, it meant on certain days, when I was super busy or even when my husband was home waiting for me to start something, I had to have the courage to give myself permission to tell myself (and anyone else around), “please wait, I need five minutes.”

It was a baby step, but nonetheless, a step in learning to making myself and my needs a priority.

So what will I do now that I am no longer confined to a commitment of 30 day of meditation?

Well, I don’t plan to stop. I probably won’t be meditating every day, but I can feel a change in myself.

Now that I am no longer committed to daily practice, I think I’ll make my new priority those that I had entering this challenge.

  1. Finding a place in my day where meditation easily can fit.
  2. Taking the time for longer sessions.

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