My Corona Journal

Quarantine Day 5-8: I Befriended the Cat

It is the early morning of my 8th day in quarantine, which means I have officially completed my first week! Yay! In my first week I think I have done an okay job of keeping busy, continuing to function like a regular human, and not becoming a complete slob. I only slept in until 8 am once this week, every other day I was up by at least 7:30. I get dressed everyday, usually it is only workout clothes, but at least I’m not living in my pajamas. I’ve limited myself to only one 20 minute nap a day, and I try to make sure that isn’t a daily thing. And, on the days that it hasn’t been raining I make a big effort to get some fresh air. Even if it’s just circling my yard for a few minutes.

Since my last check in on day 4, there isn’t too much to report. People still aren’t following the “Safer at Home” Order and the virus is continuing to spread. Yesterday they announced the first case in La Puente, where I live, so I’m officially never leaving the house.

I got a non-Corona related blog post up – click here to induce some hunger pains. I also started working a few other pieces I can hopefully finish soon and start scheduling to go out. My podcast notebook is still sitting on the table waiting for me, it will happen this week!

My other accomplishments for the week include –

  • Finally finding my quarantine binge show – The Sopranos
  • Watching all four Toy Story movies – I’m very angry at #4
  • Winning over Musubi – She hated me and now will go as far as cuddling with me

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