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    I sat on my computer for nearly four hours yesterday, trying to put together an appropriate post. I would write and delete and write and delete. Nothing I wrote seemed right. Nothing I wrote seemed like enough. Having someone so full of life, someone so good, pass away so suddenly at only 27, makes no sense, so why would talking about it be any different.

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    You Won’t Always Have More Time

    When my dad was sick, I spent nearly everyday by his side. I gave him hugs and kisses every chance I had. And I was constantly saying “I love you.” The day he died was hard for me. It was hard for me on many levels, not just the obvious one. The day he died, I got very angry at a nurse who was practically force feeding him. The day before my dad died, he was moved to a hospice facility, so these were new nurses who didn’t know us or his case. My dad had not been able to eat solid foods for a long time at this point,…

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    Melanoma Awareness Month

    Did you know that although it is the least common form of skin cancer, melanoma is the most deadly? For women ages 25-30 it is the leading cause of cancer death, second leading cause of cancer death for women 30-35. For both men and women, ages 15-29, it is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and approximately 500 children in the US are diagnosed with melanoma each year. This year (2020) it is estimated that over 196,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma and 6,850 Americans will lose their fight with this deadly cancer.