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    My Weight and 30 Day Challenges Round 2: Learning to Love Myself

    Thanks to COVID-19 and the Safer at Home Orders, I've been trying to use this time to get my life back on track and ultimately start working on me again. When I did my last 30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge it really did help me not just feel accomplished, but it helped me start to feel different about myself. So, I decided why not start there again?

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    My Weight and 30 Day Challenges

    I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and even though I know I haven’t been doing everything I can to fix it, I haven’t been taking it well. This isn’t a completely new development either. Although I’m not overweight and never have been, I have struggled with and at times even obsessed over my weight; never happy with how I looked for most of my life. My current weight “issue” is one I’ve had since I arrived here in Hawaii. Between the time I left California and arrived in Hawaii, I put on nearly 20 lbs and I haven’t been able to shake it. I’d get serious and…