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Quarantine Day 16-19: I Accidentally Drank a $350 Bottle of Wine

Although I feel like I have continued to do a pretty good job of staying a productive human being the last few days, I can officially say quarantine has gotten to me and the days are starting to blur. I know I haven’t wasted a single day this week. I’ve gotten up at a decent time every morning, I’m cooking, cleaning and working out. I stay busy. But, I cannot tell you what I have done for the last 3-4 days nor do I have anything to show for those days. Maybe it’s just because I have fallen into a routine and didn’t really have any big accomplishments, besides staying busy.

Unlike other days I’ve sat down to write my Corona Journal entry, while I was preparing to to write this I thought back on the past couple days and besides the new basics of my everyday, I could not really recall the specifics of any single day. They all just blurred together.

Yesterday I did do a little gardening. I planted a cactus in a hanging pot for my mom, whenever I can visit her again. I also bought and planted some lavender and rosemary to keep on our patio and hopefully keep away some mosquitoes this summer. And we pulled out a tree/bush/evil plant that was destroying our fence. I’ve got a few more garden plans in the works that I will keep you updated on as they manifest.

Now for what you are here for, $350 wine. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “How the fuck did you ‘accidentally’ drink $350 wine?” Easy. I’m not a wine drinker and it was a birthday gift from two years ago.

My nephew, that we live with, has recently started re-watching Game of Thrones and decided he wanted red wine. So, I think it was Thursday or maybe Wednesday night, he decided to buy some red wine. My husband and I had two random bottles of red wine, my gift and another a friend had recommended, and we decided to join our nephew and my sister-in-law on their side of the house to share our wine and try theirs.

Somehow the talk of wine prices came up. The bottles he had bought were around $20 and the one we had bought was about $15. (I repeat, we cheap and we aren’t wine drinkers.) But, I didn’t know how much my gifted wine was, so we decided to look it up, after we had already opened it.

To my shock, my 2014 bottle of DAD from Saarloos and Son was listed for $348. I was speechless and so angry we had opened it for absolutely no reason, just try it. My husband literally looked like he was going to cry.

Well, we couldn’t let it go to waste so we all indulged on my expensive wine and spent the evening debating God, god and religion. (No joke here, that is literally how we spent the evening.)


Cover Image by Damian Konietzny from Pixabay 

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