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I Rang in the New Year with COVID

By the title of this post, you probably can figure out what it is going to be about, but before I get into the details can I just say, could there be a more perfect wrap up to 2020? I mean we got our tests results on New Years Eve. It literally felt like 2020 was saying, “Nope you ain’t getting out of here that easy.”

Anyways, I digress, after writing my last blog post I ended up getting pretty sick, not even with COVID to begin with, and I spent pretty much the entire month of December and the first week of January trying to get better.

It was around the 18/19 of December I started to feel under the weather. I was congested, I had a slight cough, but nothing too serious. Because my husband had been exposed to COVID we had already made an appointment to get tested on December 20. Those test results came back late the next night, negative, but my, what I was assuming was a head cold, had gotten much worse. I spent the next two days pretty much just sleeping all day and by Christmas Eve, I felt almost normal. I still had some congestion and a slight cough, but it felt like I always do when I’m recovering from a cold.

Then December 27 rolled around and I realized I couldn’t taste much. By the next day all my taste and smell was completely gone. To test it, I sniffed things like bleach, which I am super sensitive to, and I smelt nothing. Then I took a shot of apple cider vinegar and I felt the burn on my throat but it tasted just like a shot of water, it was so bizarre.

Around this time I also started to feel really exhausted and was sleeping way more than usual. My husband was experiencing the same symptoms so we decided we should go get tested again.

We went and got tested again on December 30, by this point besides no taste or smell, I was also getting really bad headaches and easily sleeping 12-14 hours a night plus naps throughout the day.

New Year’s Eve we got our results. My husband’s came back positive and my test was inconclusive, but since our symptoms were identical and had set in at about the same time I figured it was safe to assume I was positive as well.

Needless to say, despite this past year being, an adventure, filled with some great and lots of horrible, thanks to COVID I had to put aside all the “new year new me!” sentiments and spend the first week of 2021 sleeping and very little else. But, if you know me or you’ve been reading my posts for awhile I guess it’s not that bad, I normally start my new year on my birthday, so I haven’t really lost any time. (Still doesn’t change the fact though that COVID really messed up all my forward momentum and progress I was trying to build back up after November was so rough.)

These past few days, I’ve finally stopped sleeping 14 hours a night and haven’t needed to nap to make it through the day. This weekend I slowly started getting my house back together and cleaning every square inch. (Sleeping for practically a month, things have gotten a little out of hand.)

I was lucky when it came to COVID and didn’t get any real severe symptoms, but I still can’t be 100% sure what kind of damage the disease may have caused, so although I’m feeling better, more like myself, I am going to try to still take it easy and slowly work my way back up to normal.

My birthday (my new year!) is still a few weeks away and I plan to use the next few weeks to get myself to a good place, a place where I am ready to really embrace that. I am going to focus on listening to my body, resting when I need to, finding my way back to some sort of regular schedule, re-developing my good habits and continue cleaning, disinfecting and organizing my home.

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