My Corona Journal

Quarantine Day 44-50: Nothing New

This will be a super short, pretty much pointless, only writing because I said I’d check in weekly post because I really have nothing new to report. May is Melanoma Awareness Month, so I decided on whim to join Melanoma Research Foundation‘s Virtual Miles for Melanoma event. Meaning for this entire month I will be walking, jogging and running to build awareness while raising money for melanoma research. (I will talk about this more in an upcoming dedicated post, so stay tuned.) Besides that I am still working out regularly and I’m currently working on redoing my workout routine.

I’m still doing a lot of gardening, but I’m running out of outdoor space, so I’m really starting to accumulate a lot of indoor plants. Five and counting at the moment.

Outside of working out and gardening, I started a brand new book, Iliza Shlesinger’s Girl Logic. (I’ve been trying to finish the same book for the last two years nearly and I finally decided I must not be that into it and I need to let myself start something new.) I’m hoping this will be the month I can finally accomplish and maintain my one book a month goal I set for myself the last two birthdays of mine. Also, LA County teamed up with HeadSpace to provide all LA County residents a free premium subscription for the remainder of the year, so I am trying my hand at meditation.

If you can’t tell, I’m still running on the idea that I think quarantine is making me a better person.

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