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    9 Instagram Accounts That Make Me Happy

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Instagram! But I realized a few years ago that certain accounts left me feeling bad about myself or angry or a laundry list of other negative emotions. To counter this I began to unfollow any accounts that weren't healthy for me and started picking up some pretty great accounts along the way. By now I've made my Instagram feed a pretty safe place to be, filled with my friends, family, cute animals, sustainability tips, yummy food, and a handful of accounts that just make me feel good, and I want to share those accounts with you.

  • Life

    Fall Out Boy

    Some band I had never heard of was announced and came on to play live. It sounded horrible to me. I remember thinking this is just pure noise, why would anyone listen to this? I remember watching the lead singer, a little man with long side burns and a baseball cap reaching up to sing into the microphone while he played guitar and I remember the other guitar player and the bassist bouncing around all over the stage. I hated the music, but I couldn't turn it off.

  • Life

    Operator by Jim Croce

    Songs, lyrics, melodies - music is a magical thing in life. Certain songs can bring you back to memory, a moment in time instantly. We all have certain lyrics that speak to us more than any conversation we have ever had any book we have ever read. Whether good or bad the right song can change your mood in an instant.