Eating My Way Through the LA County Fair

The LA County Fair was the first place my husband and I went after officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend way back when. After that we spent every anniversary we had at the LA County Fair until we moved to Hawaii. While in Hawaii we tried to appease our fair desires with the Hawaii State Fair, but it paled in comparison. So, for nearly four years we waited for our chance to re-establish our LA County Fair tradition.

This year, due to some personal matters, we weren’t able to attend the fair until the absolute last day. Because of this, I do realize that this is a nearly useless and very untimely post, but I still wanted to share all the yummy things I ate. And, I promise next year I will eat my way through the fair with enough time to share it with you and have it still matter.

*Small disclaimer, before you continue, although we did explore the entire fair I will primarily be sharing with you all the things that we ate. If fair food doesn’t interest you, this is not the post for you.

We made sure to arrive at the fair before it opened, so we could get in line and make use of every possible minute. We arrived starving and ready to eat.

The first snack we indulged on, I guess you could call it our breakfast, was their Oreo churros. These are chocolate churros, filled with a vanilla cream, and covered in powdered sugar. If you have ever had fried Oreos, the taste was similar, with just a slightly different texture. The churro itself was pretty dense and a little chewy, but overall the flavor was good.

Our next stop was Chicken Charlie’s, were we loaded up on a buffalo chimichanga and deep fried cheesecake.

The chimichanga was huge and if they have this next year or you end up at a fair with one and you only plan to eat once, this could be it. We weren’t even able to finish it between the two of us and it seriously made a dent in our eating plans. We had to walk around a lot longer than we had planned to work up an appetite for a new item.

The buffalo chicken chimichanga is a deep fried spinach wrap, filled with buffalo mac and cheese, giant pieces of fried chicken, cut in half, dipped in ranch and then dipped in hot Cheetos dust. Be warned, it’s a lot of flavor at once and does pack a slightly spicy kick, more than I anticipated.

The deep fried cheesecake was at the top of my husband’s must try list. While he enjoyed the flavor and the deep fried experience, he was a little let down by the texture of the cheesecake. Deep frying it had left it a little grainy.

While walking around to make room for our next meal we picked up a watermelon limeade. It was good, but much sweeter than I anticipated. Way more watermelon then limeade so be careful if you’re not into sweet drinks.

When we finally made room for our next meal, my husband opted for a Monster Corn dog, his all time favorite, and I decided to try a polish sausage with grilled onions and peppers.

The Monster Corn dog is my husbands #1 for fair food and it did not disappoint. It was massive, and juicy, and fried perfectly.

This was the first time I had tried a polish sausage from the fair and I was beyond happy with it. It was huge and heavy. The sausage was flavorful and had a nice snap to its casing. The onions and peppers complimented it well. I was shocked I inhaled the whole thing.

Around this time we started to feel like we needed a nap. So I grabbed a pineapple dole whip for the walk back to the car.

After our car nap we returned back to the fair grounds for another round of indulgence. We once again found ourselves at Chicken Charlie’s, where I finally got to have my #1 fair food, a fried Klondike Bar, and my husband tried the fried cookie dough. The cookie dough, personally, was a let down. The texture was off putting and it was just too sweet. My Klondike bar on the other had was the perfection I remembered it do be. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy fried dough, a layer of foamy warm cream and a center a solid vanilla ice cream. Mmmm my mouth starts to water just thinking about it.

To finish off the night we decided we needed something more closely related to real food, so we opted for King Taco. We both got an asada taco and shared some asada nachos.

When then headed home were we laid on our floor for several hours and contemplated if what we had done to our bodies was worth it.

It was and we can’t wait for next year.

King Taco
King Taco

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