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    The Hat

    In N Out. When you think of Southern California fast food, In N Out is what comes to mind. Whether you have never been to one or you spent your entire life in SoCal, you just can't help it; Whether you know better or not, In N Out is what always comes to mind when you think Southern California burger joint. But, there is another SoCal based local favorite that, even though it's loved by many, seems to always be forgotten. The Hat.

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    Colima Burgers

    And then there is Colima Burgers. And as cheesy and dramatic as it sounds, I mean this will all sincerity, since coming back to California, walking into Colima Burgers has felt like coming home each and every time. Colima Burgers is a family run greasy spoon that I have gone to all my life.

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    Zippy’s – The Restaurant I Resisted

    Established in 1966 by brothers Francis and Charles Higa, the first Zippy’s Restaurant opened in McCully, Oahu. Since then Zippy’s has grown to over 20 locations on Oahu, as well as a location on Maui and the big island of Hawaii. Over twenty locations on Oahu alone, that means that they are practically everywhere! When I first moved here it felt like I saw a Zippy’s on every street and it felt like everyone was talking about this place. As I made friends I was constantly told how amazing Zippy’s was. Some people I know would rave about their fried chicken, others around me were obsessed with their rice. Several…